We offer you innovative solutions in hardly accessible terrain using a controlled overpressure. Unique drilling system allows cable and pipeline laying without an excavation work. It also enables cable and pipeline laying in a special areas as underneath rivers, railways and highways without opening the top face. This work is performed with a drilling kit GRUNDODRILL 18 ACS from TRACTO-Technik in all soil types – in common soil and also in rocks!

Progress in drilling techniques in rocks

  • new GRUNDODRILL 18 ACS is a unique drilling equipment for common and rock drilling
  • it works effectively in variable soils, but also in the hardest firm rock


  • acceptable production costs and construction time saving, in comparison to the present and comparable drilling system


  • the length of one connection: 3 m
  • the length of drilling 400 m (depends on technology and soil)
  • diameter of the drill head max. 600 mm
  • bending radius – 55 m
  • telescopic crane up to 3,2 m length
  • weight: 15,200 kg
  • systemic vehicle without an accompanying vehicle
  • super muffled sounds – only 65 dB
  • automatic changing bars (only takes 35 seconds)
  • rubbered steel crawler chassis
  • ideal for drilling in urban areas and narrow space
Steps: pre-drilling – reaming – pipe laying
pre-drilling – reaming – pipeline laying

You can find more information at:: grundodrill.pdf

For more information about this technology visit: http://www.tracto-technik.de/