Innovation in construction industry


FISCHERHÖFE – The J. Mayer Frästechnik GmbH company introduced the cable protection system called geotextile on 20. November 2013.

Motto: “To bring innovative solutions in the field of construction” – a cable and pipe protection system that uses geotextile coating.

Around 40 individuals from the largest construction companies in Germany, as well as several energy contractors of EnBW ODR, accepted an invitation to the exhibition. The aim of the exhibition of the new system was to replace the sand cable protection by a specially developed textile called – geotextile. 20 kV system (cable – 3 x 300 mm²) was coated by machine in one section of 1300 meters in one stream, and approximately 200 tons of sand was saved during about five working hours. Savings – 200 tons of an excess sand and also a related final disposal – 200 tons of milled material. This is an essential part of the costs, as well as the time factor.

We would like to thank to Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Schrodt and his associates from the Technical University of Biberach who went along with the whole path to get the certification.

Reactions from the visitors were unanimously very positive, that leads us to the introduction of a new cables protection system to the other interested partners in the construction industry, as well as to the other energy contractors.