Attended Milling

We are a professional company specialized in digging and milling and we offer a wide range of services.

We carry out an excavation and a milling with automatic pipeline placing, water and gas pipeline laying, electric cable and internet cable laying, sewer pipeline with geotextile coating laying and mechanical pipeline laying, including sand coating.

Our qualified team will help you to fulfill your wishes and will accompany you in planning your project.

Why should you choose us?

  • a work performed by cutter in a very narrow space (3,5 m)
  • fast milling with automatic pipeline and cable laying, coated in geotextile (300 m a day in the ground of a category 2-3)
  • with our technology you save time and money
  • laser-controlled milling up to the depth of 2 m
  • simultaneous insertion of flexible pipelines and cables, coated in geotextile
  • warning tape placing


We specialize in following areas


A few shots from our work with cutter