Our plow technology allows an ultimate solution for real construction time saving. Quick and professional cable, cable systems and HDPE pipeline laying, up to 2000 meters a day, up to 225 mm outer diameter and 1,80 meters depth. We carry out work also by using sand coating without additional excavation regaling. With our modern cables and pipeline laying by using a plow, we guarantee considerate laying, inconsiderable interference with nature, remarkable construction time savings and from that resulting minimum obstacle to traffic during the execution of the work.

We work with plow technology

  • rapidly
  • environmentally-friendly
  • in almost every terrain, also in a rough terrain
  • for affordable costs
  • through the water course
  • wherever it is necessary to carry out the work in a short construction time
  • HDPE pipelines and cables / cable systems up to Ø 225 mm – for water, waste water and gas, as well as fiber optic and internet cables
  • cable laying – more at a time
  • daily output from 500 to 2000 meters depending on the type of rock!


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